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About us

My Training and Experience

Dr. Matthew Zorn

I received my homeopathic medicine training while going through an accredited four year Naturopathic doctoral program, after completing a pre-med undergraduate program (1993-98), in 2002. Since then I have been in practice as a classical homeopath.

The formal medical training has given me a tool to understand and help people from a clinical and therapeutic point of view. However, my life experience has truly transformed me by pushing me deep into my shadow/unconsciousness, where I was forced to do the real work of healing.

Since 2002, I have taught homeopathy, given seminars (in person and virtually), taught meditation classes, volunteered abroad at extremely busy homeopathic clinics, attended many seminars by the worlds most renowned Homeopaths, and seen thousands of patients who’ve presented with a multitude of ailments.

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