My Story

my-story.jpgI was relatively healthy through life until I turned 28 years old. I was in the middle of my Naturopathic medical training and under quite a bit of stress. Over a period of several months I began to develop the following symptoms: a general sense of numbness throughout my entire body, forgetfulness, apathy and depression, visual disturbances (blurred and confused vision and night blindness), problems with balance and my sense of orientation, muscle weakness and burning on exertion, sharp pains in my shoulders and hips, a loss of taste and smell, a loss of a sense of self, detachment from reality, a sense of mental confusion, extreme fatigue, and weight loss due to muscle atrophy (I normally walk around at 173 lbs. During this time I got down to 156 lbs!).

The one thing that these symptoms have in common is the central nervous system so I knew it was serious. A differential diagnosis would have to include a number of diseases of the central nervous system including a disease such as MS. I dealt with these symptoms to one degree or another for about 10 years.

I would feel much worse after trying to exert myself physically and in the winter when it was cold and wet. Through the years I tried different homeopathic medicines and other therapies along with meditation but nothing provided substantial or permanent relief. Then, after much trial and error I started taking a specific homeopathic medicine that really helped.

Not only did my symptoms begin to abate rather quickly, after a few months of taking the homeopathic remedy I really began to feel a sense of peace and ease within myself. As this sense of peace and ease grew my mental and physical symptoms continued to become less and less of a problem. Today I am healthy and happy and continue to feel better and better as the days and weeks go by. It is this sense of health, optimism, happiness, peace, and contentment that I want to share with everyone.